This Order Form is governed by the Korro App Terms of Use, including the Occupational Therapists Terms of Use and the Additional Clinic Terms, available at: [link to terms of use] which are incorporated herein by reference (“Terms”). Unless otherwise defined herein, all capitalized terms will have the same meaning defined in the Terms. In the event of conflict between the terms of the Terms and this Order Form, the terms of the Terms will govern.

1) Services: 

The Package
: During the Subscription Term, Korro will grant a right for up to four (4) unique licensed Occupational Therapists (“OTs”), who are Certified OTs or OTs in a Certification Process (as defined below), to access and use the following services:

- Korro Certification Program for OTs.
- Korro Clinic+ with access for unlimited number of children.

Additionally, during the period until December 31, 2024, OTs included in the Clinic Package will have the right to access and use Koro@Home, with an unlimited number of patients—including allowing said patients to utilize Korro@Home outside the clinic at the patient’s home, at no additional fee.

Certified OTs: Certified OTs are licensed OTs who practice at, with, for, or in conjunction with the Clinic, and should meet the following conditions:
- Completed the Certification Program, including all training materials and activities provided by Korro.
- Completed a minimum of 5 hours of practical use of the Korro platform in-clinic.
- Passed the certification quiz provided and conducted by Korro. 

Certification Program: During the Subscription Term, Certification Program materials will be available to the assigned OTs in a training portal accessible on an external website (“Training Portal”), and the following provisions apply: 

- The assigned Occupational Therapists register to the Training Portal, which requires separate registration from the Korro App and operates under separate terms and conditions outside the control of Korro AI. Korro AI disclaims any liability with respect to the Training Portal.
- The Certification Program materials cannot be shared outside the Training Portal.
- The Clinic can assign Training Program to selected OTs. Assignments to the Certification Program cannot be changed once it has started. 
- Certification Program materials may not be disseminated, are not transferable, and are exclusively intended to be associated only with an assigned OT.
- The Certification Program launch date shall be as designated in the purchase page through which this Order Form was accessed.

Korro AI has recently submitted an application to become an American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Approved Learning Provider. 
We recognize the importance of offering quality educational resources to support the ongoing growth and excellence of occupational therapy practitioners.
Being an AOTA Approved Learning Provider will further enhance our ability to deliver valuable content that meets the rigorous standards set by the AOTA.  Our application is currently pending approval.  We will keep you updated on the status of our application and look forward to the potential to collaborate with the AOTA in advancing the field of occupational therapy education.

OTs in a Certification Process:
OTs who have an active user account in the Training Portal, during the Subscription Term.

Addition of an OT: During the Subscription Term and subject to additional fee, Clinic may add an additional OT under the Clinic’s Package (“Additional OT”).

2. Subscription Term: 

The Subscription Term for the initial four (4) OTs associated with the Clinic’s Package, begins on the day when the access to the Certification Program was granted to the clinic, and concludes twelve (12) months thereafter.

The Subscription Term for Additional OT shall begin on the day access to the Certification Program was first granted to this Additional OT and concludes twelve (12) months thereafter.

3. Cancellation: 
The Package and all the licenses and users included in it, cannot be canceled during the Subscription Term and are non-refundable. 

4. Pricing: 
Number of users
Monthly Payment
Up to four (4) OTs
250$/Month for 12 Months
Any Additional OT (from the 5th and beyond)
50$/Month for 12 Months

Sales tax may be added to the payment amount, based on your local sales tax rate, as applicable.